Welcome to the home page of EduMIPS64, a free (as in free speech) visual and cross-platform MIPS64 CPU Simulator.

The simulator was written in order to support Computer Architecture students with a free and cross-platform tool that allows them to run programs written in the MIPS64 assembly dialect and see how the CPU behaves during the execution, experimenting with various aspects of low-level programming that they learn throughout the course.

Latest News


  • New release: 1.2. EduMIPS64 1.2 is out! (codename: Ringsend). Lots of bug have been fixed in this new version, mainly related to the Dinero Frontend.  Changelog,  release notes for 1.2. As usual, downloadable files are available on  SourceForge, the Git repository is on  GitHub.



  • New release: 1.1. EduMIPS64 1.1 is out! (codename: Charleroi). This is mainly a bugfix release post-1.0. The main areas of improvement for this version are correctness, internal cleanliness and packageability: you can read about all the changes in the  release notes for 1.1. As usual, downloadable files are available on  SourceForge and  Google Code, the Git repository is on  GitHub.


  • New release: 1.0 Wow. After only 6 years, we finally released version 1.0 of EduMIPS64 (codename: Philadelphia). The main new features since 0.5 are the Floating Point Unit (FPU) support and the in-application HTML help. There are of course a lot of small bug fixes and improvements, and you can read about that in the  release notes for 1.0. The JAR file, source archive and PDF docs are available on  SourceForge and  Google Code, while as usual the development happens on  GitHub.



  • Code moved to github.org: the source code of EduMIPS64. has been moved to  github. The SVN repository is still up, but it will not be updated with new code anymore. The  Google Code project will be used as a backup repository.


  • New research paper: a paper about EduMIPS64. has been accepted for publication by the IEEE Transactions of Education. It is about the usage of the simulator in undergraduate computer architecture courses. You can find the PDF  here.


  • Screenshots page: we added a screenshots page, reachable from the new link in the top bar.


  • New release: 0.5.3 Released a new version in the stable 0.5.x series of EduMIPS64! This version contains a new in-application help, a splash screen and several bug-fixes. See the Changelog or download it from the SourceForge page, reachable from the Download section!


  • New release candidate - 0.5.3 Release Candidate 3. The (hopefully) last release candidate of EduMIPS64. 0.5.3 is out. THis version contains the fix for bug #8, that affected Mac OS X Snow leopard users. You can download it from the Download section. Please report any problems to bugs@…


  • New release candidate - 0.5.3 Release Candidate 2. A new version of EduMIPS64. is about to be released, with some bug fixes and a new in-app help window. In order to make it available to testers (students), version 0.5.3-rc2 is downloadable from the Download section. Please report any problems to bugs@…


  • Development starts again There are many EduMIPS64 features that are almost ready to be released. We are going to evaluate them and release them to the public. Small bug fixes will also be implemented and released. You can follow the development process through the new  development blog.


  • EduXcomp is born It is a sub-C cross-compiler for EduMIPS64. Now you can easily obtain assembly code runnable on the simulator by writing a C program, and using EduXcomp to translate it. Download it from the official site  http://eduxcomp.sourceforge.net. Early EduXcomp developers will integrate their tool in EduMIPS64.


  • New tool for EduMIPS64 users The users of EduMIPS64 can now use a new tool for writing their wonderful MIPS programs. Marco Sorrentino contributed a gracious source code editor that supports MIPS syntax highlighting. You can download it from the Download section!


  • New release: 0.5.2 Time for a bugfix release of the stable 0.5.x series of EduMIPS64! The work for version 1.0 is going on slowly, and a change in the behavior of Swing in Java 6 introduced a bug in the simulator. So we created a new version from the 0.5.x series that fixes this bug and other small annoyances. You can download it from the SourceForge page, reachable from the Download section!


  • New release: 1.0-alpha After some time, here's the new version of EduMIPS64! This release contains the brand new FPU support and the first stage of the new HTML help, straight from the same LaTeX sources of the PDF manual. Everyone is encouraged to get a copy and test it, because this is the first step towards 1.0 and testing is very important. You can download it from the SourceForge page, reachable from the Download section!



  • New bugfix release: 0.5.1 This release of EduMIPS64 is the last one before the FPU-powered release. We made this release mostly before there are some bug fixes that made 0.5 not-so-stable. Please update to this version if you're still using 0.5. Read the Changelog or go download it from the SourceForge page, reachable from the Download section!
  • A preview about the FPU usage Added some files .s that work with the FPU. In order to try them you must download the svn jar file from  http://www.edumips.org/svn/trunk/edumips64-svn.jar and the samples rar file from the Download section.


  • RSS Feed for commits and info about development Seems like sometimes the edumips64-commit isn't updated in the right way, so we thought that we could use Trac's internal RSS features to notify users of SVN commits. If you want to stay updated with EduMIPS64 bleeding edge, subscribe to the following RSS feed:  http://www.edumips.org/log?format=rss. Stay tuned, because the next version will contain huge improvements on the 0.5 release, including FPU support, embedded pdf manual via JavaHelp and lots of bug fixes.


  • New release: 0.5 MIPS32 instructions, brand new examples in the manual, lots of bug fixes and other small improvements for the new release of EduMIPS64. Read the Changelog or go download it from the SourceForge page, reachable from the Download section!
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About EduMIPS64

EduMIPS64 is a GPL porting to Java Swing of the MIPS64 instruction set simulator WinMIPS64. In fact, from WinMIPS64 we take only the idea and the look and feel, but we have totally re-designed it in an object-oriented fashion, in order to make it easy to extend with other instructions and functionalities.

We decided to start this project in order to make a program similar to WinMIPS64 available to users of every platform, but now we are going beyond the original idea, because EduMIPS64 is growing fast and more and more features are being added.

The project home page on sourceforge.net is  EduMIPS64 home page.

Thanks to its license, users will be able to study, modify and redistribute it. Take a look at  The GPL License.

A note about wiki editability

This wiki used to be editable using credentials available to everyone, but due to spam bots we removed them, sorry. You'll have to register and wait for us to approve your registration in order to be able to modify the wiki.